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Question 34

A solutions architect is conducting an audit and needs to query several properties of EC2 instances in a VPC. Which two methods are available for accessing and querying the properties of an EC2 instance such as instance ID, public keys, and network interfaces? (Select TWO)

  1. Use the EC2 Config service.
  2. Run the command curl
  3. Download and run the Instance Metadata Query Tool.
  4. Run the command curl
  5. Use the batch command.

Correct Answer: 2, 3

Explanation: This information is stored in the instance metadata on the instance. You can access the instance metadata through a URI or by using the Instance Metadata Query tool.

The instance metadata is available at

The Instance Metadata Query tool allows you to query the instance metadata without having to type out the full URI or category names.

INCORRECT: “Use the EC2 Config service.” is incorrect. The EC2 config is not suitable for accessing this information.

CORRECT: “Run the command curl” is a correct answer.

CORRECT: “Download and run the Instance Metadata Query Tool.” is also a correct answer.

INCORRECT: “Run the command curl” is incorrect. The correct command is provided above.

INCORRECT: “Use the batch command.” is incorrect. The batch command is not suitable for accessing this information.


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