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Explanations for questions 4 to 6

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Question 4

An application runs on Amazon EC2 Linux instances. The application generates log files that are written using standard API calls. A storage solution is required that can be used to store the files indefinitely and must allow concurrent access to all files.

Which storage service meets these requirements and is the most cost-effective?

  1. Amazon EBS
  2. Amazon EFS
  3. Amazon EC2 instance store
  4. Amazon S3

Correct Answer: 4

Explanation: The application is writing the files using API calls, which means it will be compatible with Amazon S3, which uses a REST API. S3 is a massively scalable key-based object store that is well-suited to allowing concurrent access to the files from many instances.

Amazon S3 will also be the most cost-effective choice. A rough calculation using the AWS pricing calculator shows the cost differences between 1 TB of storage on EBS, EFS, and S3 Standard.

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