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Explanations for questions 7 to 9.

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Question 7

An application is deployed on multiple AWS regions and accessed from around the world. The application exposes static public IP addresses. Some users are experiencing poor performance when accessing the application over the Internet.

What should a solutions architect recommend to reduce Internet latency?

  1. Set up AWS Global Accelerator, and add endpoints.
  2. Set up AWS Direct Connect locations in multiple regions.
  3. Set up an Amazon CloudFront distribution to access an application.
  4. Set up an Amazon Route 53 geo proximity routing policy to route traffic.

Correct Answer: 1

Explanation: AWS Global Accelerator is a service in which you create accelerators to improve the availability and performance of your applications for local and global users. Global Accelerator directs traffic to optimal endpoints over the AWS global network. This improves the availability and performance of your internet applications that are used by a global audience. Global Accelerator is a global service that supports endpoints in multiple AWS Regions, which are listed in the AWS Region Table.

By default, Global Accelerator provides you with two static IP addresses that you associate with your accelerator. (Instead of using the IP addresses that Global Accelerator provides, you can configure these entry points to be IPv4 addresses from your own IP address ranges that you bring to Global Accelerator.)

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