Add, Edit, and Delete a Secondary Contact

Learn to add, edit, and delete a contact in a client's profile using the FreshBooks API.

In this lesson, we’ll learn to add a secondary contact to our client’s profile. Next, we'll learn to edit and delete it.

A client’s profile represents a company. Therefore, secondary contacts are like members of a company. Secondary contacts are useful in situations where we want to send emails or invoices to multiple contacts within the same organization. We can have multiple secondary contacts in a single client.

These operations are performed using the following endpoints:

  • Add a contact: /accounting/account/{ACCOUNT_ID}/users/clients/{CLIENT_ID}

  • Get all contacts: /accounting/account/{ACCOUNT_ID}/users/contacts

  • Update and delete a contact: /accounting/account/{ACCOUNT_ID}/users/contacts/{CONTACT_ID}

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