We will first learn about the overall contents and structure of this course.

What you will learn

The developer-focused marketing and skill distribution ideas we are about to explore have been tested and proven to work in almost every field of software development. This system works for everyone from web developers to Chatbot engineers, cloud developers to technical writers.

The simple tips you will learn in all eleven lessons of this course have assisted students in gaining smart recommendations, new jobs, contracts, and paid speaking engagements. Read on with an open mind!

How to approach this course

These skills may seem simple, but they are not always easy. They take hard work, dedication, belief in your skills, and a commitment to market that skill to the world.

This course will teach you to stand out from your peers with unique skills that go beyond standard coding projects. It may feel strange at first, but trust that if you go into this course with an open mind, you’ll leave with a new perspective that will serve you the rest of your career. There are no silver bullets, hacks, or gimmicks; just honest research and concrete steps to improve your chance of success.

The following lessons will offer a distribution system that will result in a predictable and reliable flow of attention, income, and impact.

What is included

In this course, we will focus on two important aspects of the software developer’s life. The focus is on pushing out of the traditional path for a developer and unlocking the potential that exists outside of the ordinary.

No matter where you are on your tech journey, I hope this course helps you in some way. Thank you for joining us on this course.

Note: This course is designed with lessons that build off ideas from the previous lessons. As a result, you’ll benefit more if you read this course straight from cover to cover instead of skipping from one lesson to another.

Ready? Let’s get started.