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Welcome to Advanced TypeScript: Generic Search, Sorting, and Filtering! This course is going to be all about using generics in TypeScript. What are generics, exactly? Well, you already may have heard that when we write software, it’s always an advantage to make our code reusable and more flexible. With a statically typed languageLanguages where type safety checks are conducted before runtime. like TypeScript, we can also make the usage of our data types throughout the application more flexible!

In this course, we’re going to build out three key functionalities leveraging the power of generics in TypeScript:

  1. A generic search function
  2. A generic sort function
  3. A generic filter function

For each function we build, we’ll also see how we can make generic React components, where various UI elements can be created and rendered based on nothing more than the typing of our data! This course is geared more towards intermediate to advanced TypeScript developers. Generics are a pretty advanced component of the TypeScript language. We don’t go over the basics of TypeScript explicitly in the course, for example, what the notion of interfaces or enums are. We will spend two lessons going over the basics of generics themselves, however, before starting with our real in-app examples.