Demo Application

Learn how we can integrate Clearbit's APIs into an example application.

We’ve gained hands-on experience with Clearbit API endpoints in this course. Now, we’ll integrate Clearbit’s endpoints into a Django application.

Application workflow

  1. When we run the application, the first page we see is the “Homepage.” The “Homepage” has two main components — the Enrichment tool and the Risk calculator.
  2. Click the "Risk Calculator" button. This takes us to the risk calculator page, where we can give an email address and IP address to get a risk score.
  3. Then click the "Enrichment Tool" button. This takes us to the enrichment page where we can find a person using email or a company using its domain.

API endpoints in use

We use the following endpoints in the file:

  1. Line 22: The risk function in line 9 uses the risk endpoint. This is to calculate a risk score against the email and IP address that the user will provide.
  2. Line 63: The enrichment_tool function uses the enrichment endpoints person in line 70, and company in line 85. This is to fetch the details of the person or the company whose email address or domain has been provided by the user.

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