Challenge: Find k Largest Elements in the Array

If you are given an array and any number "k", can you write a code to find the first "k" largest elements using Max-Heap?

Problem Statement

Implement a function findKLargest(int arr[], int size, int k) that takes an unsorted integer array as input and returns the kk largest elements in the array using a Max Heap. The maxHeap class is prepended in this exercise, so feel free to use it! Have a look at the illustration given for a clearer picture of the problem.


Returns integer vector containing first k largest elements from arr

Sample Input

array = {9,4,7,1,-2,6,5}        k = 3

Sample Output



As “k” is 3, so we need to find the top 3 maximum elements from given array. 9 is the largest value in the array, while 7 is the second maximum, and 6 is the third max.

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