Challenge: Rearrange Sorted Array in Max/Min Form

Arrange elements in such a way that the maximum element appears at first, then minimum at second, then second maximum at the third position, and second minimum at fourth and so on.

Problem Statement

Implement a function maxMin(int arr[], int size) which takes a sorted array arr and its size and will re-arrange the elements of a sorted array such that the first position will have the largest number, the second will have the smallest, and the third will have second largest and so on. In other words, all the even-numbered indices will have the largest numbers in the array in descending order and the odd-numbered indices will have the smallest numbers in ascending order.

The given array is sorted in ascending order.


A sorted array and its size.


A list with elements stored in max/min form.

Sample Input

arr = [1,2,3,4,5]

Sample Output

arr = [5,1,4,2,3]

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