Where to Go from Here?

What is the way forward?

We'll cover the following

Way forward

Thank you for taking this course! We hope you enjoyed the course and learned the following:

  • How to develop an e-commerce app using Java, Spring Boot and Vue.js.
  • How to design the tables and develop the APIs.
  • How to authenticate the user credentials
  • How to create a beautiful UI using Vue.js and Bootstrap, display shopping cart for users, integrate Stripe, place orders, and display order history.

We hope that you now have enough expertise to create your own web application. The best way to learn is to keep practicing. So, we hope that you’ll continue to apply the learning from this course by building your own applications from scratch. Good luck!

Final thoughts

We hope that this course was a good learning experience for you. Thank you for following along with us!

Your feedback, comments, concerns, and questions are always welcome. Drop us an email or a comment on the community forum.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

— Team Educative

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