Ticketmaster API Overview

Get introduced to Ticketmaster's Discovery and Inventory Status APIs.

What is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is a global ticketing service founded in 1976. In 1991, it grew to become the world's largest online ticket marketplace. Clients can post events on the platform, after which Ticketmaster begins selling tickets to these events.

Ticketmaster APIs

Ticketmaster offers several APIs, including a Discovery API and an Inventory Status API. We can use these APIs to perform the following tasks:

  • Search events by keyword in a specific location.
  • Get events for a particular artist or venue in a specific country, city, zip code, DMA, and so on.
  • Get high-resolution images for a particular event or artist.
  • Search events of a certain genre in a particular location for a certain promoter.
  • Get the number of tickets available for an event.

Ticketmaster stores its data regarding events, attractions, venues, and so on, according to the following data model:

Note: The diagram below shows a subset of the complete data model – only including the entities that we'll be discussing in this course.

Discovery API

We can use the Discovery API to explore events, attractions, venues, as well as to get details regarding each. The base URL for this API is as follows:


This API offers multiple endpoints—we'll be covering most of these in this course. The following illustration provides an overview of the endpoints of this API:

Inventory Status API

As the name implies, we can use the Inventory Status API to retrieve the status of the inventory for events. In simpler words, it tells us whether or not tickets are available for a given event. The base URL for this API is as follows:


This API offers a single endpoint, an overview of which is shown below: