Search Suggestions System

Try to solve the Search Suggestions System problem.


Given an array of strings called products and a word to search, design a system that, when each character of the searched word is typed, suggests at most three product names from products. Suggested products should share a common prefix with the searched word. If more than three products exist with a common prefix, return the three product names that appear first in lexicographical order.

Return the suggested products, which will be a list of lists after each character of searched word is typed.


  • 11 \leq products.length 1000\leq 1000
  • 11 \leq products[i].length 3000\leq 3000
  • 11 \leq sum(products[i].length) 2×103\leq 2 \times 10^3
  • All the strings of products are unique.
  • products[i] consists of lowercase English letters.
  • 11 \leq searched word.length 1000\leq 1000
  • The searched word consists of lowercase English letters.


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