Merge Sorted Array

Try to solve the Merge Sorted Array problem.


Given two sorted integer arrays, nums1nums1 and nums2nums2, and the number of data elements in each array, mm and nn, implement a function that merges the second array into the first one. You have to modify nums1nums1 in place.

Note: Assume that nums1nums1 has a size equal to m+nm + n, meaning it has enough space to hold additional elements from nums2nums2.


  • nums1.length =m+n= m + n
  • nums2.length =n= n
  • 0m,n2000 \leq m, n \leq 200
  • 1m+n2001 \leq m + n \leq 200
  • 103-10^3 \leq nums1[i], nums2[j] 103\leq 10^3


The inputs will be two integer arrays and two integers representing the number of data elements in each array.

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