Reorder List

Try to solve the Reorder List problem.


Given the head of a singly linked list, reorder the list as if it were folded on itself. For example, if the list is represented as follows:

L0L_{0}L1L_{1}L2L_{2} → … → Ln2L_{n-2}Ln1L_{n-1}LnL_{n}

This is how you’ll reorder it:

L0L_{0}LnL_{n}L1L_{1}Ln1L_{n - 1}L2L_{2}Ln2L_{n - 2} → …

You don’t need to modify the values in the list’s nodes; only the links between nodes need to be changed.


  • The range of number of nodes in the list is [1,500][1, 500].
  • 5000-5000 \leq Node.value 5000\leq 5000


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