A case for puzzle-based learning

A code puzzle is an educative snippet of source code that teaches a single computer science concept by activating the learner’s curiosity and involving them in the learning process.

Before diving into practical puzzle-solving, first study 10 reasons why puzzle-based learning accelerates your learning speed and improves retention of the learned material.

1. Overcome the knowledge gap

Code puzzles open an immediate knowledge gap. When looking at the code at first, you won’t understand the meaning of the puzzle. The puzzle’s semantics are hidden. But only you can transform the unsolved puzzle into a solved one.

Constantly feeling a small but non-trivial knowledge gap creates a healthy learning environment.

Stretch your limits, overcome the knowledge gap, and become better; one puzzle at a time.

2. Embrace the eureka moment

Our brain is wired to seek new information. It is always wired to process data and learn.

Did you ever feel the sudden burst of happiness after experiencing a eureka moment?

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