Clearbit APIs Overview

Get introduced to the Clearbit APIs.

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What is Clearbit?

Clearbit is a platform that helps sales and marketing entities with their valuable data collection. It provides businesses with sales intelligence software that helps them grow substantially. To gather its data, the platform searches the web, analyzes several data points in real-time, and acquires workable observations from various online sources such as social pages, web pages, legal filing, government records, SSL certificates, and more.

With the help of Clearbit, companies can keep an eye on fake signups and attract valuable customers to increase their website traffic.

Clearbit APIs

Clearbit offers four main API plans:

  • Enrichment: This API takes in either a person's email address or company domain and returns a complete profile that includes their social information, location, official name, and even pictures.

  • Prospector: This API takes in a company's domain and returns a list of employees and their details (including contact information).

  • Reveal: This API takes in an IP address and returns the domain and other details associated with a company.

  • Risk: This API takes an email and IP address and calculates an associated risk score.

In this course, we'll explore two Clearbit APIs: the Enrichment API and the Risk API. Moreover, we'll go through the Name To Domain, Logo, and Autocomplete APIs.