GPAs and Balances

Learn about general purpose accounts (GPAs), their balances, and how to get them.


A general purpose account (GPA) is a user’s default account. Funds are transferred from a funding source to a user’s GPA.

Types of GPA balances

Let’s take a look at the different types of GPA balances that are available for a user or a business:

  • In regards to standard funding, a ledger balance is an amount that refers to available funds. This includes those from authorized transactions that are yet to be cleared. In regards to Just-in-Time (JIT) fundingJust-in-Time (JIT) funding allows funds to be moved automatically from the program’s funding source to the appropriate account when a transaction is conducted., this refers to authorized funds that are yet to be cleared and are currently on hold.
  • Available balance refers to the user’s purchasing power. This is the amount that results from the deduction of authorized transactions that are yet to be cleared from the ledger balance. This balance is 0.00 if the user uses JIT funding.
  • Pending credits refer to the ACHThis stands for Automated Clearing House and is a payment system used by US banking networks. Transactions performed are sent to the network for clearance once a day at a designated time. loads that are accepted but are still pending clearance.
  • Cached balance and credit balance are not used at this time.

Get GPA balances

We can get all GPA balances for a user or a business by making a GET request to the {BASE_URL}/balances/{token} endpoint. The path parameter ({token}) refers to the token of the user or business whose GPA balances we want to get. This endpoint also provides us with a link to the GPA balances of the specified user or business in the response.

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