Async Functions

In this lesson, we briefly go over the async functions.

We'll cover the following

Async functions #

Async functions are typically used to fetch data from a server. There are different types of async functions, like timers, but the basics are the same: They don’t return the result synchronously. Async functions run outside React render functions and require a special way of coding.

useEffect #

Often, useEffect is used to start async functions. That’s one valid way, but it tends to work unexpectedly and it will not be mainstream once Suspense for data fetching lands.

use-reducer-async #

There are several libraries to start async functions in dispatch or event callback. One of these is use-reducer-async, which works well for small async functions. It can be used with React Tracked.

Next #

In the next lesson, we get a brief overview of how the Redux ecosystem can help us.

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