We know about flex-containers and their alignment properties.

Beautiful indeed.

Sure you’re getting a feel of what lies ahead.

I’d take my focus off flex-containers now, and walk you through flex-items and their alignment properties.

Like flex-containers, a couple alignment properties are also made available on all flex-items, too.

Let me walk you through them.

1. Order

The order property allows for reordering the flex items within a container.

Basically, with the order property you can move a flex-item from one position to another. Just like you would do with “sortable” lists.

This is done without affecting the source code. Which means the position of the flex items in the HTML source code isn’t changed.

The default value for the order property is 0. It may take on either negative or positive values.

It’s worth noting that flex items are re-ordered based on the number values of the order property. From lowest to highest.

An example always does the trick. Consider the unordered list below:

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