An overview of what you have learned and some pointers for developing your knowledge further.

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Congratulations! You have made it to the end of this mini-course, and hopefully now feel more confident about GraphQL.

Through the past few chapters, you have learned the origins of GraphQL, how it differs from traditional REST APIs, how a schema is structured, how to build a basic server, and how to keep it secure.

You now have enough knowledge to create and maintain a simple GraphQL service and can carry that knowledge forward in your work, your next job interview, or your next side-project.

I hope that you have found this mini-course useful, and I encourage you to keep reading about GraphQL. I have put some extra resources below, which may be of use.

Thank you again for taking this mini-course. If you want to get in touch, you can contact me on Twitter at @ruairidhwm. Or you can subscribe to my developer blog. Learners can send direct feedback emails to the author via Educative’s platform, by clicking on the feedback button.


Production Ready GraphQL - a fantastic, in-depth book on GraphQL

GraphQL - the original specification and documentation

How to GraphQL - a great introduction to creating a GraphQL service, though perhaps a little Prisma heavy

Apollo GraphQL - my preferred GraphQL library

GraphQL YouTube - a great series by Ben Awad on GraphQL for beginners

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