Coding Challenge: Higher-Order Function

Let's use higher-order functions and currying in this challenge.

We'll cover the following

Problem statement

The buyTicket function below calculates the price of a ticket and saves the request in our mock database. The price logic is currently hardcoded, but we’d like to change it because in the future, we might prefer to ask wealthy customers to pay more. Our task is to write a calculatePrice function that performs the calculation that’s now hardcoded in the buyTicket function. It takes customer age as a parameter. Next, create a buyTicketBase function that takes one parameter called calculate (which is a function that takes a number and returns a number) and returns a function that takes two parameters, show and customer. It uses the calculate function that we passed in to retrieve the price and saves that info in the database as before. Finally, create newBuyTicket by passing in the calculatePrice function as a parameter to the buyTicketBase function.

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