How do you execute a for-each loop in java?


The Java for-each loop is an enhanced form of the standard for loop. It was introduced in Java 5.

When to use:

The for-each loop can be used to iterate over all the elements of an array or the data stored using the classes of Java Collections framework e.g. ArrayList, vector, linkedlist, etc.

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The generalized syntax of for-each loop is given below:

//for iterating over an array
for(datatypeOfArray var : arrayName){
  //Statements using the var
//for iterating over a Collection
for(datatypeOfCollection var : collectionName){
  //Statements using the var

The below illustration will help you understand it better.

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There is no iterator i used in the for-each loop unlike the standard for loop.


Let’s print out the names of animals stored in an ArrayList using the for-each loop.

class ForEach {
  public static void main( String args[] ) {
    ArrayList<String> animals = new ArrayList<>();
    //Adding the names to the ArrayList

    //Printing out using for-each loop
    for(String var : animals)