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How to use the Math.pow() method in Java

The Math.pow() is an built-in method in Java Math class and is used to calculate the power of a given number.

The power of a number refers to how many times to multiply the number with itself.

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Method signature

The signature of the pow() method is as follows:

  • The method takes the base and exponent parameters of type double.
  • The method calculates multiplication of the base with itself exponent times and returns the result of type double.

See the following code snippet for example:

double pow(double base, double exponent)


The pow() method is a part of java.lang.Math class, you need to import this class in your code to use the function.

Using the pow() method let’s calculate the following:

  • 545^4
  • 1.531.5^3
  • 50550^5
import java.lang.Math;

class CalculatePower {
    public static void main( String args[] ) {
      //Calculating 5^4 and casting the returned double result to int
      int ans1 = (int) Math.pow(5,4); 
      System.out.println("5^4 is "+ans1);
      //Calculating 1.5^3 and storing the returned double result to ans2
      double ans2 = Math.pow(1.5,3);
      System.out.println("1.5^3 is "+ans2);
      //Calculating 100^5 and casting the returned double result to int
      double ans3 = Math.pow(50,5);
      System.out.println("50^5 is "+ans3);



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