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What is hiberfil.sys?

hiberfil.sys is a file that the Microsoft Windows operating system creates when the computer goes into hibernate mode. This file stores the state that the PC was in just before hibernate mode was activated, in the hard drive, by the user. That way, when the computer comes out of hibernation, hiberfil.sys can be used to regain the previous state.

hiberfil.sys is a hidden file. This means that you could only see it in the Windows file manager if you checked ‘Show hidden files and folders’ in the folder options.

Since hiberfil.sys stores all the data on the PC for hibernate mode, the file could​ end up becoming several gigabytes in size depending on your use of the hibernate feature. As a result, you may end up having storage issues.​

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How to delete the hiberfil.sys file

The hiberfil.sys file is only required if you use the hibernate feature. To delete it, follow these ​steps:

1.Open the start menu and type in “Command Prompt”. Right-click the top-most result and select Run as administrator.

2.Click on the terminal window that appears and type:

powercfg -h off

After typing this command, press enter.

This will successfully delete the hiberfil.sys file.

If you wish to use hibernate mode in the future, repeat the steps above but replace off with on in the terminal window command.

powercfg -h on

This will re-enable the option to hibernate on Windows and the hiberfil.sys file will be created again.


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