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Book Review System Using ReactJS and Ruby on Rails

Learn to create an interactive platform for displaying and sharing book reviews using ReactJS and Ruby on Rails.

Book Review System Using ReactJS and Ruby on Rails

You will learn to:

Create applications with Ruby on Rails.

Add ReactJS to Ruby on Rails applications.

Create and use ReactJS components.

Create and use API controllers.


Web Development using RoR

Full Stack Development



Good understanding of Ruby

Good understanding of Rails framework

Good understanding of MVC pattern

Basic understanding of React





Ruby on Rails

Project Description

In this project, we will build a book review application where people can share and find book reviews easily. We will use ReactJS for frontend development and Ruby on Rails for backend development.

With ReactJS, we will build a smart and smooth interface that allows users to easily explore and review books. We can write detailed reviews, give ratings and Ruby on Rails will be the behind-the-scenes superhero taking care of storing data and building API controllers.

We will use the PostgreSQL database for data management and Bootstrap to make our website look user-friendly.

Project Tasks


The Backend

Task 0: Initial Setup

Task 1: Create the Books API Controller

Task 2: Create the Reviews API Controller

Task 3: Add the API Routes


The Main Books Listing Page

Task 4: Create the Index Page View

Task 5: Add Ratings to Books

Task 6: Add the Search Functionality


The Review Page

Task 7: Create the Header

Task 8: List to Reviews

Task 9: Create a Review Form