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Build a CRUD Application Using Golang and React

In this project, we will build a CRUD application using Golang, MySQL, and React. The project will consist of two major components, frontend and backend. The backend will be an API in Golang, and the frontend will be implemented in React.

Build a CRUD Application Using Golang and React

You will learn to:

Create Web APIs using Golang.

Execute SQL queries to fetch the data.

Create a frontend using React.

Handle routes using Golang.


Web Development

Full Stack Development

API Development


Basic knowledge of MySQL

Basic knowledge of Golang

Intermediate knowledge of React

Basic understanding of prepared statements






Project Description

In this project, we will create an application for performing CRUD operations on the user repository using MySQL, Golang, and React. The backend will be implemented in Golang, whereas the database used in this project is MySQL. We will implement CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) functionalities in Golang, where the changes will be reflected in the database. We will also create prepared statements and queries to fetch data from the database.

Later in this project, we will create the application’s frontend using React, and list the users in the database. We will create functions for all the calls to the backend. The frontend will consist of services to contain the functional part, where the components will contain the functionality of each component.

Project Tasks


Backend Implementation

Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Initialize the Database

Task 2: Create the User Entity

Task 3: Get All Users

Task 4: Create the User Component

Task 5: Get the User Functionality

Task 6: Update the User Functionality

Task 7: Delete the User Functionality


Frontend Implementation

Task 8: Implement the User Service

Task 9: Implement the List User Component

Task 10: Add the View User Component

Task 11: Add the Create-User Component

Task 12: Implement the App Functional Component