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Build a Data-centric Web App Using Streamlit

In this project, we'll learn how to use the Streamlit library to create a data-centric web application. We'll also learn data visualization in Streamlit using libraries like Plotly and pydeck.

Build a Data-centric Web App Using Streamlit

You will learn to:

Visualize and plot geospatial data.

Build a data-centric web application.

Filter datasets using chosen features.

Visualize and analyze data via Plotly.


Data Visualization

Data Storytelling

Interactive Real-time Web Applications


Basic understanding of Python

Basic understanding of data visualization






Project Description

A data-centric web application is any application in which data is the main asset of the application and the whole application revolves around it.

In data science, data analysis is a major stream that focuses on understanding the data and making important decisions based on the trends in the data.

Streamlit is a Python library that is used for creating data-centric web applications because it is low code, open source, and requires no web development knowledge.

In this project, we will create a data-centric web application to understand, visualize, and analyze the data on taxi traffic in New York City.

Project Tasks


Getting Started

Task 0: Initial Setup

Task 1: Import Libraries

Task 2: Load the Dataset


Streamlit Application Setup

Task 3: Create a Basic Streamlit Application

Task 4: Setup the Application


Exploring the Dataset

Task 5: Prepare the Dataset

Task 6: View Data Using Dropdowns


GeoSpatial Visualization

Task 7: Plot the Pickup Points

Task 8: Plot the Trip Route


2D Visualization

Task 9: Create a 2-D Bar Plot

Task 10: Create a 2-D Scatter Plot


3D Visualization

Task 11: Create a 3-D Scatter Plot

Task 12: Create a 3-D Bar Plot