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Build a Digital Library Using Gatsby and GraphQL

In this project, we'll create a digital library application using Gatsby and GraphQL. We'll work with GraphQL to fetch data from a JSON file, and use it in our web applications. We'll have a fully functional digital library application with Gatsby links to demonstrate the lightning-fast speed of the framework.

Build a Digital Library Using Gatsby and GraphQL

You will learn to:

Create a website using Gatsby

Query the data using GraphQL

Configure the application using Gatsby plugins

Style the application using Bootstrap


Web Frameworks

Web Development


Basic understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of GraphQL

Basic understanding of ReactJS






Project Description

This project consists of ten tasks that will help us build a digital library using Gatsby. Gatsby is a React-based, open-source framework with excellent performance, scalability, and security. First, we’ll demonstrate how we can easily collect data and transform it into a web page using different Gatsby plugins. Then, we’ll query JSON data using GraphQL.

Finally, we’ll use Gatsby links to demonstrate the incredible speed of the framework. The final layout of the application will look like this:

A digital library application using Gatsby

Project Tasks


Initial Setup

Task 0: Create a Gatsby Application

Task 1: Run the Application


Add the Data Using GraphQL

Task 2: Add the JSON Plugin

Task 3: Fetch the JSON Data


Front-end Development

Task 4: Display the Data

Task 5: Import Bootstrap

Task 6: Add Bootstrap to the User Interface

Task 7: Add the Body Tag into the Card’s Tag

Task 8: Create a Dark Themed Web Page

Task 9: Add Links in Gatsby

Task 10: Add a Link to Homepage