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Build a Memory Game in Java Swing and AWT

In this project, we’ll build a GUI-based memory game in Java using Java Swing and AWT components. The memory game challenges players to test their memory and recall abilities by matching pairs of cards.

Build a Memory Game in Java Swing and AWT

You will learn to:

Create a GUI application using Java Swing and AWT components.

Use Java AWT components to handle events, such as mouse clicks and button presses.

Use Java classes to organize code into reusable and modular components.

Use data structures, such as arrays, ArrayList, and lists to manipulate data.


GUI Development

Game Development

Event Handling


Basic understanding of Java

Familiarity with Java Swing and AWT components



Project Description

This project aims to develop a memory game that challenges and improves our memory. We’ll use Java Swing and AWT libraries to provide the GUI components. As we progress through the project, we’ll be tasked with completing missing code snippets and gradually constructing different parts of the memory game.

At the beginning of the game, we’ll have a tiled grid showing the Educative logo as the default image icon. We’ll also have a turn counter to keep track of the number of turns. Clicking a tile will flip it and show an image icon. The objective is to find all the matching pairs. If two image icons flipped in a sequence are not the same, they will be flipped back, and the turn counter will be incremented by 1.

After finishing the game, we can reset and restart it using the “New Game” button, which will reshuffle all the image icons and reset the turn counter to 0. The game must be won within a maximum of 15 turns.

The GIF below shows the final layout of the GUI:


Project Tasks


Get Started

Task 0: Explore the Project Directory

Task 1: Start the GUI


Initializations and Game Reset

Task 2: Initialize the CustomIcon Class Variables

Task 3: Initialize the MemoryGame Class Variables

Task 4: Create the resetGame() Function


UI for the Memory Game

Task 5: Add the Title

Task 6: Add the New Game Button

Task 7: Display the Number of Turns Taken

Task 8: Display the Image Icons


Logic for the Memory Game

Task 9: Add Mouse Listeners to Image Icons

Task 10: Add Logic to Mouse Listeners of the Image Icons

Task 11: Add an Action Listener to the New Game Button