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Build a Music Player Application Using React Native

In this project, we will learn to create a music player application using React Native and Expo AV library.

Build a Music Player Application Using React Native

You will learn to:

Develop an application using React Native.

Leverage the Expo AV library for audio playback and management.

Use React Hooks to manage state, handle side effects, and enhance the functionality of the music application.

Utilize the stack navigator to create a smooth and intuitive navigation flow.


State Management

Mobile Application Development

UI Design

Audio Playback and Management


Familiarity with the fundamentals of React and React Native

Familiarity with React Native components and their usage

Familiarity with styling user interfaces using CSS

Familiarity with navigation, state management concepts, and React Hooks

Familiarity with the Expo AV library





React Native

Project Description

This project aims to develop a music player application using React Native with various features to enhance the listening experience. We’ll use React Native components, React Hooks, Expo AV library, and stack navigation to develop the music player application.

The application will allow users to play and pause music and control the playback at their convenience. Additionally, users will have the ability to mark specific tracks as favorites and organize them into personalized playlists. The application will provide additional functionalities such as a progress bar and timer. To ensure a seamless navigation experience, the application will utilize a stack navigator, allowing users to switch between different screens effortlessly.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


UI for the Music Player Application

Task 1: Design the Landing Screen

Task 2: Display Music Tracks within the Tracks Screen

Task 3: Display Music Tracks within the Favorites Screen

Task 4: Design the Playlists Screen

Task 5: Display the Music Tracks of a Playlist


The Search and Playback Functionalities

Task 6: Write the Search Logic

Task 7: Play, Pause, and Resume Music Tracks

Task 8: Handle the Progress Bar and Music Track Timer

Task 9: Handle Forward and Backward Functionality


Favorites and Playlists

Task 10: Handle Favorites

Task 11: Create a New Playlist

Task 12: Delete a Playlist

Task 13: Add Music Track to a Playlist

Task 14: Remove a Music Track from a Playlist