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Build a Programmer Skill Querying Website with React and Golang

Learn to build a programmer skill querying website with React and Golang.

Build a Programmer Skill Querying Website with React and Golang

You will learn to:

Use the functional components of React.

Use the Axios library to connect React components to the Golang server.

Use MongoDB to store and retrieve data.

Use Gin framework to build APIs in the Golang.


Web Development

API Development

Full Stack Development

Web Frameworks


Intermediate understanding of React.js

Intermediate understanding of Golang

Basic understanding of MongoDB

Basic understanding of Gin Framework




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Project Description

In this project, we’ll build a programmer skill querying application using MongoDB, Golang, and React. The application will allow users to add a new programmer, delete a programmer, and search for programmers based on a certain skill.

We’ll use the Gin framework for Golang to develop the back-end API to interact with the MongoDB database to fetch and store data. Gin is a web framework for building web applications and APIs in Golang. It provides a fast HTTP router and a set of essential middleware and utilities that help in developing efficient web apps.

After setting up the backend, we’ll implement the front-end components using React.js and add the create, delete, and search programmer functionalities. The finalized product will fetch the data from MongoDB via the Golang server and display it in the React functional components.

The final layout of the application will look like the following image:

The final layout of the application
The final layout of the application

Project Tasks



Task 1: Getting Started


Create the API Using Golang

Task 2: Create a User Model

Task 3: Implement a Handler to Create New User

Task 4: Implement a Handler to Delete a User

Task 5: Implement a Handler to Get All Users

Task 6: Implement a Handler to Filter Users on a Skill

Task 7: Set Up the Server


Create the Frontend Using React

Task 8: Create API Helper Functions

Task 9: Implement the Header Component

Task 10: Implement the ListProgrammers Component

Task 11: Develop the Home Page

Task 12: Implement the AddProgrammer Component