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Build a Real-time Chat App with Socket.IO and MERN Stack

Learn to create a real-time chat application using Socket.IO and MERN stack.

Build a Real-time Chat App with Socket.IO and MERN Stack

You will learn to:

Use the functional components of React.

Use the Axios library to connect React components to the Node.js server.

Use Socket.IO to build real-time chat applications.

Use MongoDB to store and retrieve data through the Mongoose library.


Web Development

API Development

Web Frameworks


Basic understanding of React components and state management

Basic understanding of Node.js

Basic understanding of sockets

Basic understanding of JavaScript



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Project Description

In this project, we’ll build a real-time chat app using Socket.IO. The application will allow users to follow and chat with different users in real time.

Socket.IO can be used to build a variety of applications that require real-time communication capabilities, such as streaming applications, document collaboration, and instant messaging. We’ll use Socket.IO to send messages to other online users. We’ll also use the Express framework for Node.js to develop the back-end API to interact with MongoDB to fetch and store data. After setting up the backend, we’ll implement the front-end components and add the messaging functionality. The finalized product will fetch the data from MongoDB via the Node.js server and display it in the React functional components.

The components in the application are styled with pre-written CSS and code to provide an initial template for an image-sharing application.

Project Tasks



Task 1: Get Started


Create a Rest API Using Node.js

Task 2: Create a Chat Model

Task 3: Create a Message Model

Task 4: Create Chat Routes

Task 5: Create Message Routes


Develop the Chat Page

Task 6: Fetch User Chats

Task 7: Implement the ChatUser Component

Task 8: Fetch and Post Messages

Task 9: Implement the Message Component


Socket.IO Implementation

Task 10: Add and Get Users in Socket

Task 11: Set Up Socket.IO on Client Side

Task 12: Send and Receive Private Messages

Task 13: Send Messages from Client

Task 14: Fetch Online Users

Task 15: Implement the OnlineUsers Component