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Build a Rest API for an Image-Sharing App With Node.js

In this project, we’ll create a REST API for an image-sharing application using Node.js.

Build a Rest API for an Image-Sharing App With Node.js

You will learn to:

Connect the Node.js server to store and retrieve data from MongoDB.

Use MongoDB to store and retrieve data through the Mongoose library.

Create a REST API to insert, get, update, and delete records in the database.

Perform CRUD operations on a database.


API Development



Good understanding of Node.js

Basic understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of MongoDB




Project Description

An application programming interface (API) is an interface through which programs can talk to each other without knowing their inner specifics. It can be used to create a server-side program that can interact with various client applications.

We’ll develop a robust and scalable REST API for an image-sharing application using the Express framework for Node.js to interact with the MongoDB database to fetch and store data. The application will provide users with the ability to register, log in, create image posts, and update their own posts. After registering, users will be able to manage their username, email, and profile picture. The API will handle image uploads, allowing users to create image posts with optional captions or descriptions.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Create a Rest API Using Node.js

Task 1: Set Up a MongoDB Connection

Task 2: Create a User Model

Task 3: Create a Post Model

Task 4: Create Auth Routes

Task 5: Create User Routes

Task 6: Create Post Routes

Task 7: Run All Tests