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Build a Resume Builder in React Using Redux

In this project, we will build a resume builder in React. We will use Redux to manage the global states of React components.

Build a Resume Builder in React Using Redux

You will learn to:

Use Redux for managing states.

Use the functional components of React.

Integrate different Material UI components.

Use Formik to build forms.


Web Development

Web Frameworks


Working knowledge of React

Basic understanding of Material UI

Good understanding of Redux





Material UI

Project Description

In this project, we’ll create a web application that we can use to create a resume by answering a series of questions.

We’ll use the Formik library to build forms and Material UI to add different UI components in the application. We’ll use the Redux store to manage the states of the system while creating the resume through our application.

This project will let users complete a multi-step form that leads to the automatic creation of a resume. The user will be able to customize the template’s color and download the created resume in the PDF format. The user will also be able to go to any resume section by simply clicking the step at the top.

The final layout of the application
The final layout of the application

Project Tasks


Getting Started

Task 0: Introduction

Task 1: Set Up the Stepper Slice

Task 2: Implement the Stepper Component

Task 3: Create the InputField Component

Task 4: Show the Resume Template


Develop the Profile Section

Task 5: Create the Profile Slice

Task 6: Develop and Render the Profile Section


Develop the Experience Section

Task 7: Create the Experience Slice

Task 8: Develop the Experience Form

Task 9: Render the Experience Section


Develop the Education Section

Task 10: Create the Education Slice

Task 11: Develop and Render the Education Form


Develop the Skills Section

Task 12: Create the Skills Slice

Task 13: Develop and Render the Skills Form


Develop the Interests Section

Task 14: Create the Interests Slice

Task 15: Develop and Render the Interests Form


Develop the Resume and Download Section

Task 16: Populate Data for Resume

Task 17: Add the Download Functionality