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Build a Task Manager Using React, Laravel, and Inertia

In this project, we will build a task management application using React.js and Laravel by leveraging the capabilities provided by Inertia.js. The application will offer a seamless way for task management.

Build a Task Manager Using React, Laravel, and Inertia

You will learn to:

Develop a user-friendly interface for creating and managing tasks.

Integrate Laravel and React.js using Inertia.js.

Implement real-time notifications to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Integrate authentication and authorization for secure task management.

Enable efficient task assignment, deadline setting, and progress tracking.

Handle global and shared data using Inertia.js.


Web Development

Full Stack Development


Understanding of HTML and JavaScript concepts

Understanding of PHP and the Laravel framework

Understanding of the fundamentals of React




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Project Description

This project aims to build a streamlined task management application that combines the strengths of Laravel, Inertia.js, and React.js. React.js is a popular JavaScript library, and we will use it to create a dynamic, seamless, and effective user interface for managing tasks. Laravel is a PHP framework and will serve as the backend for this project. We will use it to handle all server-side logic, including authentication and data management. Inertia.js will bridge the gap between Laravel and React.js.

The application will offer a user-friendly interface to improve task management procedures. It will enable users to organize tasks into projects, set due dates, assign tasks to other users, and mark a task or a project as completed. Additionally, the application will also provide support for user authentication and authorization. This will allow users to access and manage only their own tasks.

By the end of this project, you will have gained hands-on experience in developing a full-stack application using React.js, Laravel, and Inertia.js. Moreover, you will acquire the skills to handle user authentication and authorization, implement task management functionalities, and build a scalable web application. You will then be able to apply these skills in real-world scenarios.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Implement Authentication

Task 1: Create Users Table

Task 2: Register the User into the Application


Develop Project Management Features

Task 3: Create Application Layout

Task 4: Create a Projects Table and Model

Task 5: Add Project Feature Logic

Task 6: Secure Routes Using Middlewares

Task 7: Configure and Display Shared Data

Task 8: Rendering POST Action Components

Task 9: Rendering GET Action Components


Develop Task Management Features

Task 10: Create Tables and and Models Related to Task Management

Task 11: Develop Model Relationships among Existing tables

Task 12: Add Task Feature Logic

Task 13: Render POST Action Components for Tasks

Task 14: Render Tasks' GET Action Components

Task 15: Add Task Assignment Functionality


Implement Real Time Notifications

Task 16: Generate Notifications

Task 17: Formatting and Sending notifications

Task 18: Render Notifications to the Frontend