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Build an E-learning Website with the MERN Stack

In this project, we’ll build an e-learning course catalog website with search functionality. We’ll learn to develop the database, its schema, and the API. Finally, we’ll develop the frontend, and connect it to the backend.

Build an E-learning Website with the MERN Stack

You will learn to:

Use the functional components of React.

Use React-Bootstrap to design the layout.

Use MongoDB to store and retrieve data, using the Mongoose library.

Uplift the state to share the data between multiple functional components.

Use the Axios library to connect React components to the Node.js server.

Connect the Node.js server to store and retrieve data from MongoDB.


Web Frameworks

Web Development


Basic understanding of React components and state

Basic understanding of React hooks

Basic understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of Node.js

Basic understanding of MongoDB



Project Description

In this MERN stack-based project, we’ll develop an e-learning course catalog website. You’ll display the list of all the courses on the website. The website will also allow users to search the available courses with a search bar.

We’ll use the Express framework on Node.js to develop the back-end API, which will interact with the MongoDB database where the data is fetched from and stored. After setting up the backend, we’ll implement the front-end components and add search functionality. The finalized product will fetch the data from MongoDB via the NodeJS server and display it in the React functional components.

Refer to the following figure to preview the final layout of the website:

Project Tasks


Backend with Node.js

Task 0: Initial Setup

Task 1: Define the Database Schema

Task 2: Set up Node.js Server and MongoDB Connection

Task 3: Create the Routes and Controllers

Task 4: Insert Data into the Database

Task 5: Connect the Backend to Different Routes


Frontend with React

Task 6: Develop the Frontend with React

Task 7: Develop a Component for Courses

Task 8: Develop Component for Search

Task 9: Integrate Components

Task 10: Test the Components


3. Connect Frontend and Backend

Task 11: Connect the Frontend with the Backend

Task 12: Update the BaseComponent