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Build an Online Video Player in React and YouTube Data API

In this project, we'll learn how to integrate YouTube Data API in our application to use functions that are executed on YouTube.

Build an Online Video Player in React and YouTube Data API

You will learn to:

Use the YouTube Data API and its endpoints.

Create a dynamic UI with Bootstrap.

Get familiar with YouTube’s data resources using the YouTube Data API.

Get hands-on experience integrating the YouTube Data API in a React application.


Web Development

API Integration

Authorization and Authentication


Good understanding of JavaScript

Good understanding of React and its components

Basic understanding of API integration



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Project Description

In this project, we'll integrate the YouTube Data API into a React application. The application will allow users to search for videos, play videos, comment, and rate videos. It will also allow users to search for videos similar to a particular video.

We'll add user authorization to the application to interact with the YouTube data and access certain endpoints of the YouTube Data API. The authorization will be done with OAuth 2.0 authentication, where users will grant the application permission to access their Google account's YouTube data. We will learn to integrate different endpoints of the API and to add YouTube functionality in a React application. The final product will provide users with a user-friendly interface for searching, watching, commenting, rating videos, and discovering related content.

The final layout of the application will look like the following:

The final layout of the application
The final layout of the application

Project Tasks


Get Started

Task 0: Introduction

Task 1: Implement OAuth Sign-In


Implement the Video Search Page

Task 2: Implement Video Search Functionality

Task 3: Develop the Video Search Page


Develop the Single Video Page

Task 4: Implement the Video Details Functionality

Task 5: Develop the Video Details Page

Task 6: Develop the Ratings Component

Task 7: Develop the SimilarVideos Component


Develop the Comments Section

Task 8: Implement Comment Retrieval and Adding Functionality

Task 9: Implement Comment Editing and Deletion Functionality

Task 10: Set Up the Comments Component to Fetch Data

Task 11: Display and Interact with Comments