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Build a Hotel Reservation System with ASP.NET Core 6 and Angular

In this project, we’ll learn to build a hotel reservation and billing system by creating an API using ASP.NET Core 6, providing database support using SQL Server, and developing the frontend using Angular.

Build a Hotel Reservation System with ASP.NET Core 6 and Angular

You will learn to:

Create endpoints using .Net 6 to insert, retrieve, update, and delete records in the database.

Utilize Angular services to interact with the API.

Handle the responses of the database queries.

Implement frontend in Angular application architecture.


API Development

Web Development

Full Stack Development


Intermediate knowledge of SQL Server

Good understanding of Angular routes, components, and services

Familiarity with ASP.NET Core 6

Good understanding of HTTP request handling


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SQL Server


Project Description

In this project, we’ll create a hotel reservation system to allow users to reserve rooms as per the availability. We’ll be developing a REST API in ASP.NET Core 6 using a controller-based API development approach to create endpoints to sign up, log in to the system, check available rooms, reserve rooms, and provide information about the rooms booked by each user. 

SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) for storing, managing, and retrieving data and will be used to handle database-related operations in this project. We’ll implement the API using Angular to create the application.

The home page will be visible to everyone with a welcome page and a page providing information about the rooms’ categories. To reserve rooms, users must log in to the application after registration. The logged-in users will see a dashboard showing their active and past reservations. We’ll also allow them to select dates, check room availability, and reserve rooms accordingly. After choosing a room, the user will be prompted with an invoice displaying the room cost, extra charges, and total bill. Based on that, a reservation will be confirmed for that particular user. The application will be styled using Material UI and CSS.

The final layout of the application
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Project Tasks


Get Started

Task 0: Initial Setup


Build the REST API using .Net6

Task 1: Add Models

Task 2: Add and Register the Database Context

Task 3: Create the Database in SQL Server

Task 4: Add JWT Helper Functions

Task 5: Create Endpoints for the Users Controller

Task 6: Create Endpoints for the Reservations Controller


Develop the Frontend using Angular

Task 7: Develop the Users Service

Task 8: Develop the Reservations Service

Task 9: Develop the Sign-Up Page

Task 10: Develop the Login Page

Task 11: Modify the Navbar

Task 12: Develop the User Dashboard

Task 13: Develop the Reservations Page Functionalities