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Colorize Your Grayscale Images Using DeOldify and Gradio

In this project, we will use DeOldify for sophisticated image colorization and build a user-friendly web application for it using Gradio.

Colorize Your Grayscale Images Using DeOldify and Gradio

You will learn to:

Use DeOldify model for grayscale image colorization.

How to process Images.

Use Gradio package for creating a user-friendly interface.

Use OpenCV for splitting and merging RGB channels.


Computer Vision

GUI Development


Intermediate proficiency in Python

Basic knowledge of Matplotlib

Basic knowledge of OpenCV




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DeOldify logo


Project Description

In today’s digital age, we sometimes come across memories that are old black-and-white images that lack the vibrancy and realism of color. Imagine adding colors to those black-and-white memories to make them come to life.

In this project, will learn how to colorize grayscale images using DeOldify, a deep learning-based tool that colorizes and restores old black-and-white photos with remarkable accuracy.

Vintage family Christmas scene (source: unsplash)
Vintage family Christmas scene (source: unsplash)

Moreover, we will enhance the experience by creating a user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) using Gradio, making the project easy and enjoyable to use.

Project Tasks


Getting started

Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Import the Modules

Task 2: Read the Input Image


Image Colorization using DeOldify

Task 3: Colorize the Grayscale Image

Task 4: Transform and Scale the Image

Task 5: Split the Transformed Image into RGB Layers

Task 6: Display the RGB Channels and the Merged Image with Matplotlib


Creating User-Friendly Interface by Gradio

Task 7: Load the Sample Images

Task 8: Create the Display Image Function

Task 9: Set the Gradio Interface Parameters

Task 10: Implement Action Functionality for Interface Buttons