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Create a Chat App Using React and Hardhat

In this project, we’ll learn to develop a real-time chat application with React and Hardhat, enabling secure and decentralized messaging.

Create a Chat App Using React and Hardhat

You will learn to:

Write smart contracts in Solidity.

Use Hardhat for the deployment and testing of smart contracts.

Develop a frontend in React.

Integrate smart contracts with React.


Blockchain Development

Web 3.0 App Development

Front-end Development


Basic understanding of React

Basics understanding of Solidity

Basic understanding of blockchain

Basics of the Hardhat framework




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Project Description

In this project, we’ll develop a chat application that integrates with the Ethereum blockchain using React and Hardhat. This application provides a seamless and secure platform for users to communicate with each other while utilizing the advantages of blockchain technology.

We’ll begin by writing the smart contract using Solidity and using Hardhat to deploy and test the contract. This contract will serve as the foundation of our chat application, handling all communication logic. It ensures secure and transparent interactions in our blockchain-based chat environment. Then, we’ll deploy it on a local Ethereum Hardhat node for testing. Lastly, we’ll use React to build the frontend of the application. We’ll be creating an interface where multiple users will be able to communicate via the chat application in real time.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Write and Deploy the Smart Contract

Task 1: Implement a Function to Register Users

Task 2: Implement a Function to Send Messages

Task 3: Deploy the Smart Contract


Develop and Integrate the Frontend with the Smart Contract

Task 4: Create a Connection with Hardhat Node from the Frontend

Task 5: Create a Form to Enter the Chat Room

Task 6: Implement the Function to Register a User

Task 7: Create the Chat Component

Task 8: Integrate the Send Message Function

Task 9: Adding Interactivity on Chat Layout