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Create a Conversational Assistant Using Rasa

In this project, we'll learn how to create a chatbot using Rasa. We'll generate training data for our bot and create an application to communicate with the assistant.

Create a Conversational Assistant Using Rasa

You will learn to:

Create chatbots using Rasa.

Generate training data.

Connect applications to the Rasa server.

Handle responses from the Rasa server in an application.


Natural Language Processing

Machine Learning

Conversational Assistant


Basic understanding of Python

Basic understanding of machine learning




Project Description

Rasa is an open-source machine learning framework for developing AI-powered chatbots.

We’ll create a chatbot by adding training data and visualizing all the stories of the chatbot. We will generate training data using the following methods:

  • Create a file with messages and actions
  • Interactive chatting with the bot and labeling messages and actions.

We’ll also create a simple application using Flask and connect it with our chatbot at the backend.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Improve the Assistant

Task 1: Create Intents

Task 2: Create Stories

Task 3: Create Responses

Task 4: Create Rules

Task 5: Test the Assistant


Create Training Data

Task 6: Run an Interactive Session

Task 7: Train the Model


Conversational Assistant

Task 8: Visualize Stories

Task 9: Create a Template

Task 10: Create a Route

Task 11: Send Messages to the Model

Task 12: Handle Responses

Task 13: Run the Application