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Create a GUI Application for PostgreSQL Database

Learn to build a website that can perform CRUD operations on the database using an interface and create an ERD of the schema. We'll use Laravel, a PHP framework, to develop an interactive website with AJAX calls.

Create a GUI Application for PostgreSQL Database

You will learn to:

Master your skills in writing PHP code using Laravel framework.

Understand how the database servers interact with an application.


Web Development

Web Frameworks

MVC Architecture


Good understanding of PHP

Good understanding of MVC pattern





Project Description

In this project, we’ll develop a website using Laravel in which we can perform most of the database operations through an interface. We’ll also generate the ERD (entity relationship diagram) of the database schema in this project. We are using the PostgreSQL database in this project. Laravel is a PHP framework that lets you develop projects faster than writing code from scratch. It provides a vast set of libraries to accomplish tasks and a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. We’ll implement the MVC (Model View Controller) software architectural pattern using Laravel.

We’ll build this project step by step. Initially, we will fetch our database and show it on our homepage. Then, we will perform the CRUD operations on the tables of the selected database.

Finally, we will create the ERD for our database that will show the primary keys, foreign keys, and relationships between the tables.

Project Tasks


Initial Setup

Task 0: Get Started


Configure the Databases

Task 1: Fetch the List of Databases

Task 2: Display the List of Databases


CRUD Operations on the Tables

Task 3: Display the List of Tables

Task 4: Create a New Table

Task 5: Show the Table Structure

Task 6: Add the Drop Table Functionality

Task 7: Add a Column to the Table

Task 8: Drop the Table Column

Task 9: Fetch the Column Details

Task 10: Add the Update Column Functionality


Foreign Keys

Task 11: Fetch the Details of the Reference Table

Task 12: Set the Foreign Key



Task 13: Display the ERD