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Create a Personal Blogging Website Using Laravel and MongoDB

In this project, we’ll create a personal blogging website using Laravel to create and publish blogs. Users of this website will also be able to update and delete blogs and see the version history.

Create a Personal Blogging Website Using Laravel and MongoDB

You will learn to:

Master writing PHP code using the Laravel framework.

Implement CRUD operations using the Laravel framework and MongoDB.

Use data pipelines to query MongoDB.

Implement the versioning feature in your application.


Web Frameworks

Web Development


Good understanding of PHP

Good understanding of the Laravel framework

Basic understanding of MongoDB pipelines





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Project Description

Laravel is a PHP framework that can speed up project development by providing a vast array of libraries to handle tasks, as well as user-friendly access to these libraries. For this project, we’ll use Laravel 9 and MongoDB, along with Vite. Vite is a responsive and effortless front-end build tool that simplifies the management of CSS and JavaScript modules.

This project aims to build a personal blogging website that enables users to perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations on their blogs. We’ll also implement a versioning system for the blogs.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started


Set Up the Index Page

Task 1: Create the Website Header

Task 2: Add the Sidebar

Task 3: Create a Table to Show Blogs

Task 4: Create the Controller Class

Task 5: Create the Post Model


Set Up the Create Blog Page

Task 6: Create the Create Blog Page

Task 7: Set Up the Page for New Blogs


Extend the CRUD Operations on the Blog Website

Task 8: Add Toastify to the Website

Task 9: Create the storeBlog Function

Task 10: Create the addOrUpdateBlog Function

Task 11: List the Blogs

Task 12: Create the deleteBlog Function

Task 13: Create the edit() Function

Task 14: Modify the Create Blog Page for Existing Blogs

Task 15: Show the Blog