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Create a Website with Dynamic Routing Using React Router

Build a dynamic website showcasing products by utilizing various routing techniques. This project will enable users to browse products within a specific category and retrieve all relevant details for a particular product.

Create a Website with Dynamic Routing Using React Router

You will learn to:

Set up routing in a React application using React Router.

Use the functional components of React.

Use React Hooks to develop an application.

Implement different types of routing functionalities.


Web Development

Routing and Navigation

API Integration


Good understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of routing

Basic understanding of React functional components, states, and hooks



React Router

Fake Store API

Project Description

In this project, we'll build a product website with extensive routing functionalities. We'll use the Fake Store API to fetch and display product categories and the products in the store.

To achieve this, we'll utilize the React Router library, which offers a diverse range of routing functionalities. We will employ nested and dynamic routing concepts to showcase the products within a particular category and provide a comprehensive view of individual product details.

The application's components are styled to provide you with an initial template of the application. We can style and customize them as we want.

Project Tasks


Get Started

Task 0: Initial Setup


Develop the Home Page

Task 1: Implement the Header Component

Task 2: Develop the Card Component

Task 3: Develop the Home Component

Task 4: Implement the Routing Logic in the App


Develop the Main Category Page

Task 5: Develop the Category Component

Task 6: Implement the Route for the Category Page


Develop the ProductDetails Component

Task 7: Develop the ProductDetails Component

Task 8: Pass the Product ID Parameter

Task 9: Define Dynamic Routes