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Create an E-Library System with Livewire and Laravel

In this project, we'll create an e-library application using Livewire and Laravel, with MongoDB as the database. We'll develop basic library functionalities like search, issue, and return books.

Create an E-Library System with Livewire and Laravel

You will learn to:

Use the Laravel framework with Livewire.

Create a full stack application using Livewire.

Use MongoDB to store and retrieve data.

Implement the CRUD functionality for managing library resources.


Web Development

Web Frameworks

Full Stack Development


Experience with PHP web development

Basic knowledge of Laravel

Familiarity with Livewire

Basic understanding of MongoDB



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Project Description

In this project, we’ll build an e-library system to browse the catalog, issue books, return books, and display a report of books issued to the users.

Laravel is a PHP framework that lets us develop projects faster than writing code from scratch. It provides a vast set of libraries to accomplish tasks and a simple interface with a logical structure to access these libraries. MongoDB is a source-available cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with optional schemas. We’ll build this project using the Livewire Laravel framework and MongoDB as a database. The final layout of the application will be as shown below:

E-library with Livewire and Laravel
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Project Tasks


Getting Started

Task 0: Get Started


Seed, Display, and Search

Task 1: Populate the Book Data from API

Task 2: Display Books' Data

Task 3: Search the Books

Task 4: Populate the Users from Seeder

Task 5: Display Users' Data

Task 6: Search the Users


Issue Books

Task 7: Display the Issue Book Modal

Task 8: Display Users in the Modal

Task 9: Issue the Book


Show Book-Wise and User-Wise Issuances

Task 10: Book-Wise Issuances: Display the Modal

Task 11: Book-Wise Issuances: Show Users

Task 12: User-Wise Issuances: Display the Modal

Task 13: User-Wise Issuances: Show Books


Display Issued Books

Task 14: Display a List of Issued Books

Task 15: Search Issued Books


Return a Book

Task 16: Return a Book from the Issued Books Tab

Task 17: Create the Return Confirmation Modal

Task 18: Update the Database