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Create and Deploy a Full Stack Web App on the Arweave Blockchain

Learn how to use the Arweave protocol to deploy a full stack web application, with an integrated smart contract written using SmartWeave on IPFS, in a completely decentralized way.

Create and Deploy a Full Stack Web App on the Arweave Blockchain

You will learn to:

Create full stack permanent web applications.

Deploy React frontends on the Arweave Mainnet.

Develop a smart contract using SmartWeave.

Deploy a smart contract on Warp testnet.


Web 3.0 App Development

Blockchain Deployment

Blockchain Development


Basic understanding of React

Familiarity with Warp and Warp SDK

An Arweave wallet with some AR tokens





Project Description

Discover the power of decentralized web applications with Arweave, a blockchain-based storage network that provides permanent infrastructure for web apps. In this project, you’ll build and deploy a full stack logging website using React and SmartWeave. By leveraging Arweave’s powerful tools, you’ll gain hands-on experience with building decentralized web applications that are more secure, private, and resilient.

After building your logging website, you’ll deploy the frontend on the Arweave network and the backend on the Warp testnet, creating a permanent web app that is resistant to tampering. You’ll gain valuable insights into the advantages and challenges of building decentralized web applications.

By completing this project, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to build your own decentralized web applications on Arweave.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Getting Started


Create and Deploy the Smart Contract

Task 1: Write the Smart Contract

Task 2: Configure the Warp Server

Task 3: Deploy the Smart Contract


Develop the Web App

Task 4: Configure the Warp Client

Task 5: Develop the CreateLog Component

Task 6: Create a New Log Using the Smart Contract

Task 7: Develop the Logs Component

Task 8: Render the Retrieved Data

Task 9: Deploy the Web App to the Arweave Mainnet