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Create Mathematical Animations Using Manim

In this project, we'll learn how to use the Manim library to create animations of text, LaTeX, and graphs. We will also learn to create mathematical animations with static and moving camera angles.

Create Mathematical Animations Using Manim

You will learn to:

Animate text with Python.

Animate LaTeX with Python.

Animate graphs in 2D.

Animate graphs in 3D.



Mathematical Animation


Basic understanding of Python

Basic understanding of plotting

Familiarity with LaTeX




Project Description

Manim is a mathematical animation engine programmed as a Python library. The Manim library was originally written by Grant Sanderson who makes content at 3Blue1Brown. It is now available freely under an MIT license. This library offers functions to display and animate text, shapes, LaTeX, and plots. Manim can help create high-quality and feature-rich mathematical animations with a low-code approach. These animations can be used to animate technical concepts easily.

In this project, we’ll learn the basics of Manim animations for text, LaTeX, and plots. We’ll also learn to adjust camera movement on the plots.

Project Tasks


Getting Started

Task 1: Import Libraries

Task 2: Configure the Environment


Animating Text

Task 3: Write and Display Text

Task 4: Format Text

Task 5: Animate Text


Animating LaTeX

Task 6: Write and Display a LaTeX Expression

Task 7: Format LaTeX Expressions

Task 8: Animate LaTeX Expressions


Animating Plots

Task 9: Plot Graph in 2D

Task 10: Plot Graph in 3D

Task 11: Move Camera Angles