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Customer Churn Prediction Using Vertex AI on GCP

In this project, we’ll build a churn prediction model using VertexAI on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This model will prove beneficial to businesses because it will offer valuable insights to enhance their customer retention strategies.

Customer Churn Prediction Using Vertex AI on GCP

You will learn to:

Perform exploratory data analysis.

Create an AutoML model and Vertex AI training job on GCP.

Deploy a classification model to a Vertex AI endpoint on GCP.

Make predictions using a model deployed on Vertex AI.


Model Deployment

Cloud Deployment

Machine Learning

Data Analysis

Data Visualization

Data Science


Good understanding of Python

Good understanding of pandas

Prior experience with Google Cloud Platform

Paid GCP is necessary to complete this project


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Vertex AI

Project Description

This project aims to provide a data-driven solution utilizing machine learning and cloud services to mitigate customer churn. We will start with building and deploying a machine learning classification model for online prediction using Vertex AI on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We’ll use a dataset containing customer-related data, including the total spending on the company’s services. It’ll also include the churn label, indicating whether or not a customer has churned.

During the project, we’ll create a classification model using AutoML on Google Cloud Platform and then deploy it on Vertex AI. We’ll also demonstrate how to utilize this model to make real-time predictions for customer churn.

Project Tasks



Task 0: Get Started

Task 1: Set Up the Google Cloud Environment

Task 2: Import Libraries


Understand the Dataset

Task 3: Load and Analyze the Dataset

Task 4: Perform Basic Statistical Analysis


Data Preprocessing

Task 5: Clean and Preprocess the Data

Task 6: Define Column Transformations


Build and Deploy the Vertex AI AutoML Model

Task 7: Prepare the Vertex AI Training Job

Task 8: Build the AutoML Model

Task 9: Load and Evaluate the Model


Deploy and Predict

Task 10: Deploy the Classification Model

Task 11: Make Online Predictions


Clean Up

Task 12: Clean Up the Environment