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Data Visualization Using Plotly.js

Learn to apply basic concepts of data visualization using the JavaScript library, Plotly.js. We'll create multiple statistical charts that are commonly used in exploratory data analysis, like histograms, scatter plots, line charts, box plots, pie charts, and so on.

Data Visualization Using Plotly.js

You will learn to:

Fetch the dataset using Plotly.

Apply multiple data analysis techniques.

Create multiple statistical charts.

Ramp up your graph literacy.


Data Visualization

Data Statistics

Data Extraction


Good understanding of JavaScript

Basic understanding of Plotly.js library

Good understanding of Node.js



Project Description

In this project, we’ll apply basic data visualization concepts using the Plotly.js library, which is a JavaScript open-source graphing library.

We can create more than 40 types of charts using Plotly, which includes multiple 3D charts, statistical graphs, and SVG maps. The best thing about Plotly is that we can easily create interactive and publication-quality graphs.

Since data visualization is a core concept of exploratory data analysis, our primary focus will be on statistical graphs in this project. We will create the following types of graphs in this project:

  • Histogram
  • Stacked histogram
  • Pie chart
  • Violin plot
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Box plot

For this project, we will use the Heart Disease Data Set, the complete documentation for which can be found at this link.

Project Tasks


Getting Started

Task 0: Initial Setup

Task 1: Fetch the Dataset


Data Plotting

Task 2: Plot a Histogram

Task 3: Plot a Stacked Histogram

Task 4: Plot a Pie Chart

Task 5: Plot a Violin Plot

Task 6: Plot a Bar Chart

Task 7: Plot a Line Chart

Task 8: Plot a Scatter Plot

Task 9: Plot a Box Plot