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Deploy a MERN Application Using the AWS SAM

Learn how to deploy an e-learning course catalog website, developed using MERN, to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with the help of the Serverless Application Model (SAM).

Deploy a MERN Application Using the AWS SAM

You will learn to:

Apply the fundamentals of Cloud Formation.

Explore the basics of serverless architecture.

Configure and restructure a MERN application for deployment.

Use AWS and SAM CLI commands to build and deploy a serverless application to the cloud.


Cloud Deployment

Web Frameworks

Using AWS Cloud Services


MERN framework basics

Serverless applications basics

AWS CLI basics

AWS Cloud Formation basics




Amazon S3

AWS Lambda

Project Description

In this project, we’ll deploy an e-learning course catalog to the AWS cloud. We’ll also restructure a MERN application, install necessary packages and make the application ready to be deployed on the cloud using AWS SAM command-line tools.

The SAM is a comprehensive tool for serverless deployment and debugging. It is cost-effective, robustn, and contains built-in fault tolerance and security.

Note: Learn to create a MERN-based application by completing the Educative Project “Build an E-learning Website with the MERN Stack.”

Each course on the custom website created during this project will have the following components:

  • A title
  • An image
  • An author name
  • A “Free” or “Paid” status
  • A description
  • A “Visit Website” button

The website will also allow users to search the available courses with a search bar.

The image below shows the final layout of the website, which will be hosted on a dynamic URL:

Note: For most users, the AWS services used in this project will be free, but a few users might be charged for some services. Please follow the links below for pricing information:

Project Tasks


1. Setup and Configuration

Task 0: Initial Setup

Task 1: AWS CLI Configuration

Task 2: SAM Initialization

Task 3: Restructure the SAM Directory


Restructure the Back-end Serverless Application

Task 4: Add the Back-end Infrastructure to the SAM Template

Task 5: Create the Initial Lambda Function

Task 6: Replace MongoDB with DynamoDB

Task 7: Remove the Extra Dependencies


Restructure the React Application

Task 8: Add the React Infrastructure to the Template

Task 9: Configure the React Application

Task 10: Compile the React Application for Production

Task 11: Update the Template File

Task 12: Create a Lambda Function to Upload Files


Build and Deploy the Serverless Application

Task 13: Build the Serverless Application

Task 14: Deploy the Application

Task 15: Trigger Lambda Functions

Task 16: Delete the SAM Stack